Sunday, December 13, 2009

so I'm a few hours late from posting a "Sunday Hot Woman with a Gunday" picture. Fuck it...

Here is Adrienne Barbeau Sporting guns and her 34DD Big 'Uns

the first times I ever saw her succulent tits was while watching The Swamp Thing on HBO in 1983. In the USA film release of the Swamp Thing there isn't any footage of Barbeau's funbags. that bit of film was part of the European cut. However like a three's company episode "there was a mix up". the European cut was being shown in the USA cable networks and in VHS tapes in video stores through out America... So of course some uptight prissy housewife caught little junior jerking off to a nude scene in PG movie and blew the whistle...

so here are Barbeau's Boobs from the Swamp Thing

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  1. think you can manage to get sherry jacksons tits from the european version of Gunn? thanks in advance.