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Johnny Crap is the SHIT!!!

This is an old piece. saved it about 3 years ago. Johnny has made hundreds of incredible works of art. This "Zombie Racer" or whatever the real name is, happens to be my personal favorite. Man this guy has TALENT.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Countess of Cleavage ~ Imogen Hassall

Imogen Hassell, the sexy B-Movie actress was known for her cleavage and not her acting ability. Imogen only acted in a handful of movies. I remember Imogen, mostly for her roll of Ayakin, in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth...

The frustrated actress never became a star. On
November 16 1980, Imogen died at age 38, taking an overdose of sleeping pills.


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The Legendary Artist David Mann

Ghost Rider By David Mann
This is my favorite David Mann piece. Love all of his work.

David Mann was born September 10, 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri. David began drawing and painting at an early age. In high school his sketches focused on custom cars, hot rods and girls in bikinis. David's first job was pinstriping cars at Ray Hetrick's custom car shop in Kansas City.

He and his best friend
Al Burnett left Kansas City in customized Chevy coupe and drove to Santa Monica, California. In California he discovered Choppers at a local custom car shop named Bay Area Mufflers. David had never seen wildly customized motorcycles before. From that day on David Mann was HOOKED.

David returned to Kansas City, purchased his first motorcycle and chopped it. The Bike was a 1948 Harley-Davidson bought for $350.00. Then created his first painting, "Hollywood Run."

One day in 1963, with his painting "The Hollywood Run" tucked under his arm, David rode his custom Harley to the Kansas City Custom Car show. Mann entered the only custom motorcycle at the show. The Judges created a class and trophy for him. Mann's Harley was noticed by a one percenter named Tiny. Tiny become David's mentor. Tiny took Mann under his wing and David became a club member. Tiny also sent a Polaroid of David's "Hollywood Run" to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

Skip, Tom, Dave, Tiny and Turk

"Big Daddy" Roth bought David Mann's first painting. "Big Daddy" the famed customizer of cars and motorcycles. Roth was also the publisher of one of the first custom motorcycle magazines, Choppers. "The Hollywood Run" was published and printed for poster sales. Launching David Mann's his artistic career. David created his second painting "The Tecate Run." Again, it was published by Roth and printed for poster sales.

Big Daddy insisted Mann come to California, there painted 14 works for Roth. 10 were published and became posters. While in California David became immersed in the biker lifestyle.

In 1965, David returned to Kansas City. Working in the mail room at Scheffer Studios he met Dave Poole, who told him about the crazy motorcycle with green metalflaked paint he had heard of. It was David's. The next day, Mann rode the crazy Harley to work, and another friendship was born. Dave Poole recognized David's talent. Poole taught him architectural rendering and the use of an airbrush. By 1967, David was becoming talented architectural renderer as well as developing further as an artist. David also studied at Kansas City Art Institute. In the late '60's, Scheffer Studios moved to Clearwater, Florida, and David continued to grow as an artist.

David Mann in Kansas City 1970

In 1971 David Mann discovered a new magazine called Easyriders. In the back of the first issue was a classified ad for a motorcycle artist. David responded to the ad in late 1971, and the publishers responded to David. Mann's art became the Easyriders' centerpiece in 1973.

David Man in Clearwater Florida Mid 1970's

David Mann went on to create some of the most intense and captivating works of art to ever depict the essence of the biker lifestyle...

David Mann was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2004

David Mann left this world on September 11, 2004. The day after his 64th birthday. He is survived by his wife and three children. Mann's ashes were placed in a Harley-Davidson Sportster tank that was painted in his trademark "David Mann Red."

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

George Carlin on Pussification

Here's another horrifying example, or aspect of American culture...
The pussification!
The continued pussification of the American male, in the form...
Yeah? Alright!

In the form of Harley Davidson theme restaurants!
What the fuck is going on here?
Harley Davidson used to mean something!
It stood for biker attitude!
Grimy outlaws and their sweaty mamas full of beer and crank...!
Rolling around on Harleys, looking for a good time!
Destroying property, raping teenagers and killing policemen!
All very necessary activities, by the way!

But now, theme restaurants and this soft shit obviously didn't come from hardcore bikers,it came from these weekend motorcyclers!
These fraudulent, two-day-a-week motherfuckers who have their bikes trucked into Sturges,
South Dakota for the big rally, and then ride around like they just came in off the road!
Dentists and bureaucrats and pussy-boy software designers...
Get up on a Harley 'cause they think it makes them cool!
Well, hey schitzis! You ain't cool!
You're fucking chilly!
And chilly ain't never been cool!

And here! As long as we're talking about
theme restaurants, I've got a proposition for you!
I think...
If white people are gonna burn down black churches...
Then black people oughta burn down the House of Blues! Huh?
What a fucking disgrace that place is!
The House of Blues! They oughta call it: "The House of Lame White Motherfuckers!"
Inauthentic, low-frequency, single-digit lame white motherfuckers!
Especially these male movie stars who think their Blue is hardest!
You ever see these guys?
Don't you just wanna puke in your suit?
When one of these fat, balding, overweight, overaged, out-of-shape, middle-aged, male
movie stars with sunglasses jumps onstage and starts blowing into their harmonica...
It's a fucking sacrilege! In the first place...
In the first place, white people got no business playing the blues ever!
At all! Under any circumstances!
Ever, ever, ever!
What the fuck do white people have to be blue about?
Banana Republic ran out of kakhis?
The expresso machine is jammed?
Hootie and the Blowfish are breaking up?
White people oughta understand their job is to give people the blues, not to get them!
And certainly not to sing or play them!
Tell you a little secret about the Blues!
It's not enough to know which notes to play...
You gotta know why they need to be played!
And another thing!
I don't think white people should be trying to dance like blacks!
Stop that!
Stick to your faggoty polkas and waltzes!
And that repulsive, country line-dancing shit that you do...!
And be yourself! Be proud! Be white!
Be lame and get the fuck off the dance floor!

The Quote is from George Carlin's You Are All Diseased! in 1999

Comedian George Carlin was arrested by Wisconsin police in July 1972 and charged with public indecency for violating obscenity laws by performing the routine "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television."
A Milwaukee judge later dismissed the charges against the 35-year-old comic...
George's Mugshot:

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Space Cadet

Today, I feel like one. Thank You Pain Killers! Gotta love 'em

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sofia Vergara and Jessica Simpson

I would so love to have a threesome with these two vixens....

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The Frank Frazetta Museum

The Death Dealer
I recently found out that Frank Frazetta has a museum in the Poconos. I've got to visit there as soon as possible. Frank is one of my all time favorite artists. The first piece of Frank's art that I saw was the DEATH DEALER on Molly Hatchet's self titled record in 1978. Been a huge fan of his work ever since....
Frank Frazetta Museum

I looked up the word ASSHOLE in the dictionary and saw this guy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Suicidal Thoughts or Death Wish

but WOW what a FUCKIN" RIDE that gotta be. If I ever feel like becoming a STAIN, this is the way I'll do it. Hell Yeah!!!