Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robert Williams

Robert on the Panhead "Oink" while he was working at Ed Big Daddy Roth's

"Hot Rod Race"

"Death On The Boards"

"White Knuckle Ride For Lucky St. Christopher"

"The Last Ride of the Purple People Eater"

"Masters of the 50's - Three Years Automotive of Infamy"

"Deuces Wild"


"Cowboys and Amoebas"

"Mathematics Takes A Holiday"

"Expectorating In A Fast Food Patron’s Double Burger Deluxe"

"The Chrome Platers Wet Dream"

"Blue Collar Bravado"

"Phsychic Pedestrian"

"The Appetite That Dare Not Be Appeased"

"Siren Of The Nebulas"

"Exploration Of The Subconscious On I-40"

"The Thing In The Hope Chest"

"Flying Saucer Attack On A Pirate Galleon"

"Infinite Einsteins and TheEquation For The Inside Out Maiden"

"The Mad Surgeon's Species-Mixing Obbligato"

"The Tooth Fairy"

"Vanity Of The New"

"Ode To Sentimentality"

"The Cartoon Disease"

"Magnitude X"

Get the book "The Hot Rod World Of Robert Williams" it rules!

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