Monday, April 26, 2010

Dennis Hopper was also a great photographer

Hopper - who is very near death now due to cancer - was nicknamed ''The Tourist'' by friends cos he never went anywhere without a camera. Many of his 1960s images have been exhibited worldwide. He was quite a photo-reporter of the civil rights movement.

A bit like Danny Lyon, he spent some time with some club in '61. There are a few other shots around from that series, but that one is my fave.

In the last ten years, Hopper (also something of a fine artist) has started copying his most famous photos as wall-sized paintings. Last week I was lucky enough to see his 2002 reproduction of ''Biker Couple'' ......PERFECTLY copied and about 14ft by 14ft...just fucking incredible.

For five months there has been an exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in central Melbourne called ''Dennis Hopper And The New Hollywood''. It just closed yesterday.

The exhibition covers Hopper's whole career, his paintings, his photos, portraits of him by Andy Warhol, his place in Hollywood history and his pioneering work as an independent actor producer and director, setting a trend for the 1970s.

Some great documentation and footage from Easy Rider on the big screen. There was, inevitably, a replica Captain America bike in the foyer ....unlike most other ''replicas''though, this one is excellent, with 1950 EL cases, even.

Hopper was supposed to open the exhibition but his cancer prevented him flying down.
Above Swiped From The Horse BackTalk

Here are a few photographs from the book:"Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967"

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